iniBuilds Announces Oklahoma City Airport for MSFS

iniBuilds has recently announced the development of Oklahoma City Airport (KOKC) for Microsoft Flight Simulator, the busiest commercial airport in Oklahoma with a yearly average of 4 million passengers.

Oklahoma City Airport, or Will Rogers World Airport, first opened in 1911 as Oklahoma City Municipal Airfield renamed 30 years later after Will Rogers. It served as a major training facility during WW2, with over fifteen air force groups stationed there over the course of the war. Post-war saw commercial activity in the late fifties, with over 48 daily commercial flights from different airlines. 

In the late 90s, expansion talks ensued from the old age of the original terminal, dating back to 1967. Plans launched not much later, in 2001, with the demolition of the twin concourses to make room for the new project: a larger terminal with high ceilings and modern facilities. One hundred and ten million dollars, and five years later, the project finally reached completion, with the third phase still pending.

The aforementioned third phase only happened in March 2019, finishing roughly two years later, substantially increasing the passenger handling capacity and the overall quality of the facilities.

iniBuilds’ rendition will feature an accurate rendition of the airport as it stands, with a fully modeled interior, up-to-date airport and terminal layout, HD textures, 3D people, detailed jetways, correct airline parking allocations, fully modeled landside, and custom taxi signs. 

There’s no information regarding pricing or a release date yet, but Threshold will keep you informed!

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