iniSimulations' A300-600R(F) Nearing Release

June 29, 2020

iniSimulations has announced the team is nearing the completion of their A300-600R(F) aircraft, according to the latest development update.

"Our team has been working flat out since the last update, finalising key systems whilst undergoing a rigorous and thorough internal testing phase," wrote the team. "We are happy to report this phase is coming to a close in the next week or two, with a final beta being pushed to the iniBuilds Working Group.

"Consequently, as we approach the finish line for this project, we have been preparing our organisation for the release of our flagship development project."

The product page for the A300-600R(F) has been made live which features many new screenshots on top of the two attached to today's Development Update #6. The features list is also present that was first published in the last update, though the price has yet to be publicised.

"Furthermore, we are nearing the end of painting all liveries requested by the community from realistic to fictional liveries, and you can check the progress on these here.

"We know the community is excited as are we to get their hands on this truly glorious product! However, please note we really want to provide you, our customers, an excellent first impression and product, and therefore we will ensure it is extensively reviewed and tested before we proceed to the release phase. We have some awesome things planned for you to gain greater insight into the product before release, which will be announced soon!

"As we’ve mentioned before, we love interacting with the community, on a personal basis, and invite you to join our Discord to speak to others and our team regarding this project, or sign up to the iniBuilds Forum for an alternative engagement experience."

iniBuilds can be followed through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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