iniScene Releases San Antonio International Airport (KSAT) for MSFS

August 2, 2022

Last week, developer iniScene released its latest scenery for Microsoft Flight Simulator - San Antonio International Airport (KSAT). The airport, crafted with “with unparalleled attention to details”, will feature everything from custom ground decals to 30cm/px satellite imagery that utilizes the latest MSFS SDK.

According to developers, KSAT will feature hand-made ground polyones for every surface from runways to aprons, custom made signages, vegetation, and car models, PBR textures, and terminal interiors.

Additionally, the airport will be integrated with dynamic ground handling vehicles. The product will first come with a custom pushback tug with more vehicles being added in future updates. To view the entire feature list, visit the developer’s website.

Currently, the scenery can be purchased on the iniScene webstore for $20.06 USD. To successfully install the product, the developers recommend users to have at least 6.61GB of free space on their hard drive. For more MSFS news, check out another Threshold article.

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