Imminent: SSG E-Jets Update

January 20, 2020

Supercritical Simulations Group are back, this time with their Brazilian Embraer E-Jets lineup. The E-170 and E-195 are to receive an update, with SSG releasing this comment in their Facebook group,”I know everybody is waiting for new release...we are really in final stages here. While waiting I am attaching new QSG [Quick Start Guide] with two major changes. Frequency input for radios on MCDU is now xxxxx (5 digits, no decimal places). Also to avoid clutter on MFD, only airports with runways longer than 4000 feet are displayed. Enjoy!”. Other than this, we don’t know what else the SSG E-Jets  update will contain. 

SSG also recently updated their 747-8i to v2.1, resolving many of the bugs and issues people had about the initial release version. A freighter version of the 747 is also on the way, with a CRJ-700 in the works as well. 

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