SSG Releases 747-8i V2 Service Pack 1

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Supercritical Simulations Group developer Ricardo Bolognini has announced that service pack 1 of his brand's 747-8i recreation is now available to customers. The update has been given two names, with "v2.1" and "service pack 1" being used interchangeably.

Upon its release in late October 2019, the 747-8i V2 was a source of controversy in the X-Plane community, with some believing it was not worth its $65 USD over various issues discovered in the days following its launch. If you would like to learn more about the controversy surrounding the aircraft, see our breakdown of the situation on Inflight, Threshold's podcast.

Bolognini, who was criticised by community members for not adequately dealing with the post-release situation, has sought to heal relations with the announcement of service pack 1's release on the Forum today. He makes clear that service pack 1 is a free update for owners of version 2.

The changelog includes new features and adjustments across the aircraft's varying aspects, though most focus has gone towards the systems onboard X-Plane's Queen of the Skies. A lack of included liveries, a point of contention for the brand, has been rectified with four new ones added on top of the single paint scheme included previously.

Here is the full change list:

Systems and Controls

  • Fixed various issues present when using individual hardware throttles to control each throttle in the sim.
  • Improved various clickspots on the tablet and the cockpit.
  • Fixed issue of D-TO temp input in the FMS not reflected correctly on the EICAS.
  • Barometer setting knob logic fixed
  • Vertical Speed scrolling direction fixed
  • Fixed issue of slats opening and closing while reversers are engaged.
  • Addressed "fake" TCAS Traffic on ND.
  • New VRCONFIG file with enhanced VR capabilities.
  • MCP HDG bank angle knob two rightmost settings (20° and 25°) now selectable.
  • Fixed panel light knob that was rotating the wrong way.
  • Fixed CAPT AUDIO SYSTEM and SERV INT switch on the overhead panel with reversed animations.
  • Made scrolling functional on MCP SPD knob when in MACH mode.
  • Fixed issue of aft center tank flickering when is empty.
  • Thrust reversers now do not deploy without hydraulic pressure.
  • Fixed ND range bug where it was possible to make the airport map show on all map ranges in some configurations.
  • Caution wailer will not sound when turning the battery on during a cold and dark start.

FMS and Autopilot

  • Fixed issue of long route FMC flight plans returning an error.
  • Fixed issue of certain FMC airways not being functional (was changing to DIRECT).
  • Fixed FMC POS INIT page where the airport coordinates could not be copied,
  • Fixed issue where a SID or STAR could not be executed without selecting a transition on the DEP/ARR page.
  • Fixed FMC LEGS page change bug where it would change the page back to page 1.
  • Improved issue of LNAV improperly planning sharp turns between fixes.
  • Addressed FMC message bug where EICAS showed an alert when no FMC message was present.
  • Fixed problem of data from the PROG page overlapping with the LEGS page.
  • TOGA button now functioning properly while on an approach.
  • Fixed issue of holding the CLR button in FMS to erase the scratchpad on the pop-up CDU.

3D and Textures

  • New liveries added for Boeing, Air China, Korean Air, Air Force One.
  • Various fixes to external and internal textures.


  • Engines sound enhancement.

Version 2.1 of Supercritical Simulations Group's 747-8i is now available on the Store. To update, re-download the package from your account.

If you aren't a 747 owner, you can purchase the aircraft for $65.00 USD here.

Thanks to TestFlight for the tip off over on the Threshold Discord server <3

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