JARDesign Releases Airbus A340-500 for X-Plane

August 1, 2021

JARDesign has just recently released their A340-500 for X-Plane 11, after nearly four years of development, the aircraft comes packed with a rather hefty set of features and will for sure be a popular aircraft in the X-Plane community as they state it’s the first “high-fidelity” Airbus A340 for X-Plane.

The aircraft comes with plenty of the normal features expected in a payware aircraft but features a variety of unique ones as well, such as animated cargo and passengers doors controlled via MCDU, a fully custom avionics suite, 4k PBR textures, highly detailed animations.

More specific parts of the feature list are below:

We've extracted the most interesting features from the full list for your convenience.


  • External, Cockpit and Cabin 3D model based on real aircraft data
  • Hi-Resolution External 4K PBR textures with normal maps
  • Advanced wing flex simulation with ultra-smooth animation
  • Highly detailed Landing Gear animation
  • Animated cargo and passengers doors controlled via MCDU
  • 3-class passenger cabin with automatic controlled 3D lights

Virtual Cockpit

  • Animated Switches, Knobs, Levers and Tables in the cockpit
  • Animated wipers and windshield sun visors in the cockpit
  • Custom plugin-based Realistic cockpit and external 3D lights
  • Advanced custom real-feeling FCU knobs control system
  • Pilots are seen in the cockpit in external view mode
  • Hi-Resolution PFD, ND, EWD and SYS displays

And many more features are viewable on the store page.

JARDesign is more known in the community as one of the trifectas of A320 series developers, and also the creator of the A330 for X-Plane - both can be bought on JARDesign’s page. The add-on does not include any liveries, although they can be downloaded from the JARDesign forums here. The A340-500 can be bought on the X-Plane.org Store for $59.99 USD.

A special thanks to Feusel for tipping us off on this release in the Threshold Discord Server!

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