JARDesign Co-Pilot Plugin Coming to the Flight Factor 767

Monday, April 22, 2019

J. A. Romanov, one of the developers behind JARDesign, has announced that, in partnership with Flight Factor, they are developing a co-pilot plugin to work with FF's 767 aircraft.

In posts on the JAR and X-Plane.org Forums, Romanov describes how the two brands got together some months ago to work on the project.

The time frame the developer provides indicates that the new plugin could be derived from the co-pilot concept they showed off in October 2018 for their own aircraft.

The plugin, for JAR aircraft, was slated to be a freeware addition to their planes, however, with the jump to Flight Factor aircraft, the plugin will now be payware. No price is available at time of writing.

Previews of the co-pilot plugin JAR showed off last year, lining up with the time frame released today by developer J. A. Romanov.

The posts both include a short feature list:

  • Animated 3D Co-Pilot model (male, "Sandy")
  • Can recognize and execute voice command
  • Can speak
  • Can read checklists
  • Can operate with Events (flight parameters detection)
  • Can execute SOP (Normal Procedures, Limited)
  • Man and woman copilot model (man only included this time)
  • Scripts based (possible to edit/change Procedures/Text/etc)

If you're interested in beta testing the plugin for the Flight Factor 767, head on over to the JARDesign forum, where 25 testers will receive keys for the new plugin to test.

Thanks to RCFLYER86 for submitting this news over on our Discord server <3

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