JARDesign Previews Copilot Concept

Saturday, October 6, 2018

JARDesign are well-known for the development of their Airbuses and various other plugins. Today, it was unveiled through their Facebook group that they are developing a virtual copilot. Evgeny Romanov stated the following, also attaching two images of the copilot:

"Hmm.. If you really want to ask me - sure, I can say - yes, she is F.O. Yes, she can speak and understand what you say. Yes, she know airbus procedures and checklists. Yes, she may switch all you need in cockpit. Yes, sure, she can start aircraft from Cold&Dark and will follow SOP. Yes, men-copilot exist too. And Yes, she is inprogress and we debug it on Mac OS right now. She is clever. You will love!"

The post is slightly trivial in that it does not reveal too much about the workings or compatibility of the concept. However, the plugin looks set to fill another void in X-Plane, in the sense of interactive copilots that respond to actions that don't just depend on what you do with the mouse. And it won't just be audible, but visual too.

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