JARDesign Website Attacked Causing User Sim Crashes

January 31, 2021

JARDesign have apologised for any inconvenience caused over the past day as for an extended period the group's website was down due to an attack.

The attack also affected their verification servers which matches licenses attempting to be used in X-Plane 11 with their license key in the server. As a result, many users experienced simulator crashes as the registration keys of their JAR products failed to validate.

According to one affected user, the source of the crash was hard to identify, even going as far as to reinstall the simulator yet to no avail.

"On the night of January 31st 2021, our website and servers were attacked," they said in a post-mortem Facebook message. "The attack on the servers resulted in crashes when loading the X-Plane if our products were installed in the plugins folder."

"The services were unavailable and it took us about 5 hours to fix the problem. I apologize to our users for these problems and these terrible 5 hours."

As of the posting of that message, all services have been restored, including the JAR website, forum, download pages and indeed verification servers.

JARDesign also provided a video reiterating the message of the post. You can view that here.

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