JARDesign Releases CoPilot Plugin for ToLiss A319

Saturday, May 9, 2020

JARDesign has released their copilot plugin for the ToLiss A319, nearly a full year after its release for their A320 and the FlightFactor Boeing 767 Professional.

The plugin is aimed at the principle of requiring two people to fly an airliner, as is the standard in most airliners flying around the world today.

"Pilot job in a modern airliner involves two people," reads the product page on x-plane.org. "As you are a simpilot, you need someone who can listen to you, execute your command, read checklists, live with you. You can get this with JARDesign Copilot plugin."

The copilot's name is Linda, and she is stated to be a "well-qualified Airbus A319 copilot".

The feature set of the copilot is as follows:

  • Animated 3d CoPilot body
  • Can recognize and execute your command
  • Can speak with you
  • Can read checklists
  • Can operate with flight events (based on flight parameters detection)
  • Can execute SOP (Normal Procedures, Limited)

Should users wish to 'try before you buy', JARDesign has provided a demo to download, and will work up to the takeoff phase of flight.

Otherwise, CoPilot for ToLiss A319 is available to purchase for US $14.95.

ToLiss is expected to update their aircraft this weekend, according to a post in their Facebook group. It will primarily aim to bring the Airbus A319 up to the same standard as the A321.

JARDesign can be followed on Facebook, and ToLiss too.

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