JARDesign Releases CoPilot Plugin for their A320 and Flight Factor Boeing 767

Alex John
Tuesday, May 14, 2019

For some time, JARDesign has been busy developing their copilot concept, to assist the pilot-in-command with flight, and today sees its release. It was first previewed in October, before news that it would come to the Flight Factor Boeing 767, in addition to JARDesign's A320 and A330, was announced.

The copilot plugin runs with the following features:

  • Animated 3d CoPilot model
  • Can recognize and execute User voice command
  • Can speak
  • Can read checklists
  • Can operate with Events (flight parameters detection)
  • Can execute SOP (Normal Procedures, Limited)
  • Scripts based (possible to edit/customisation)

Details about its installation and licence agreement can be found on the product page here. The plugin will need to be purchased for each of the three airliners it supports separately; each one costs €15.59, or will cost US $14.95 (exc. VAT) on other stores.

The plugin can be purchased from simMarket for JARDesign's own A320 here, and the Flight Factor Boeing 767 Professional here. Support for the A330 is expected to follow.

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