Stairport Releases SAM WorldJetways

Luke Phillips
Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Stairport has released their SAM WorldJetways plugin that adds SAM Jetways to all default airports. Originally previewed at Flight Sim Show at the start of October, the addon automatically replaces all default jetways and all MisterX library jetway objects (eg some autogate enabled airports).

The plugin integrates seamlessly with the standard SAM V2 menu which allows users to automatically connect jetways and open aircraft doors, and also manually control the jetway. As the jetways run off of the SAM plugin they feature the improved jetway pathfinding introduced in V2, this fixes the previous issue of airbridges colliding with each other, and if the user connects with an aircraft with only one door the closest airbridge will connect.

The standard SAM Plugin was also updated today to V2.0.1 with the changelog below:

  • Changed library file structure
  • Added system to keep libraries in the highest scenery priority
  • Adapted manual for new installation instructions
  • Increased plugin loading time for pre-cached airports
  • Added VMAX 787 config
  • Fixed Zibo v3.38+ door height
  • Fixed wrong pole object texture
  • Fixed wrong colour button logic
  • Added authentification system for extensions
  • Added WorldJetway extension (payware)
  • Added Linux version 

The developer has noted that the product is currently not compatible with Mac.

SAM WorldJetways is available to buy now from the Aerosoft store for €16.77 excluding any applicable taxes.

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