Just Flight's X-Plane Aircraft Updated for 11.30 with Improvements

Alex John
February 14, 2019

[Edited 18:00 GMT] Added the change logs for all aircraft.

Confirmed through a Tweet on Just Flight's Twitter as well as their email newsletter, Just Flight, in partnership with Thranda Design, have completed updating all their X-Plane 11 aircraft with full 11.30 compatibility. The updates include added rain effects, revised flight dynamics, improved sounds, improved Virtual Reality (VR) support, and more.

Just Flight's full catalogue of X-Plane products can be found here. Their latest release was that of the PA-28-181 Archer III, which was swiftly followed by the announcement of the BAe-146.

The full change logs for each aircraft were also posted on x-plane.org:

Common to all aircraft

TB10/TB20 v1.1

Hawk T1 v1.2

C152 v1.1

Arrow III v1.6, Turbo Arrow III/IV v1.6, Warrior II v1.6 and Archer III v1.1