Just Flight Announces Piper Archer TX & LX for X-Plane

Monday, December 2, 2019

In a cryptic post on their Twitter account, Just Flight have teased the Piper Archer TX and LX variants to be the next X-Plane product from the company.

The PA-28 Archer TX and LX are produced under the New Piper Aircraft Company, which renamed to Piper Aircraft in 2006 after the collapse of the original Piper company in 1991. The aircraft are marketed as two of the most recognisable single-engine aircraft available today, featuring dual Garmin G1000 NXis.

In terms of X-Plane's upcoming rendition of the aircraft, Just Flight have confirmed that G1000s will be included, however, they will not be modded to the specification of the NXi version. Aspen Avionics' Evolution series PFDs are also featured, though the G1000s remain the primary displays, with the Evolution displayed to the side of the G1000 in today's previews.

An assortment of previews were released with the post, showcasing a number of liveries from aircraft around the world.

Not much additional information is available at this time, though as always Threshold will keep you posted.

Check out the post on the Just Flight Twitter page here.

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