Flight Sim Show 2019: Just Flight - Airbus A300, A310, and Beluga in Development

Alex John
Thursday, October 10, 2019

Just Flight are continuing to expand upon their range of airliners with an exclusive announcement of Airbus aircraft at Flight Sim Show 2019 last weekend.

In an interview conducted by X-Plane user Drawyah at the show and uploaded today, he asks about the future of the developer's product releases, to which Martyn Northall recapped some of the aircraft already in development for Prepar3D. Just Flight has stated their intentions previously to bring all these aircraft over to X-Plane once released for Prepar3D.

These include the Boeing 747 Classic, British Aerospace 146, Fokker F28, and others.

One such announcement that has gone largely under the radar is that of a lineup of Airbus aircraft, including the A300, A310, and Beluga. On being questioned about future product releases, Martyn confirmed: "Our intention at the moment is everything will go to both [X-Plane 11 and Prepar3D]."

Airbus A310 | Photo credit: Adrian Pingstone

Airbus' first aircraft was that of the A300, which saw several variants over 36 years of production. Just Flight will be making the A300B4 and A300-600; the latter of which accounts for more than half of all orders.

In addition, the developer will make a rendition of the A310, which was initially designated as the A300B10. In the cockpit, commonality was used to achieve a dual type rating with the A300, which continues to be a big part of Airbus' consideration of pilot training today.

Furthermore, the Airbus Beluga is also in the making. Known initially as the A300-600ST (where ST stands for Super Transporter), the aircraft was later named after the beluga whale due to its resemblance. Five aircraft were made to ferry large aircraft components and oversized cargo, but ever-increasing demand has forced Airbus to manufacture the Beluga XL, based on an A330, with the eyes and mouth of a whale slapped on the front.

Airbus Beluga | Photo credit: NASA/Jim Grossmann

The specific section of Drawyah's interview regarding Just Flight's Airbus aircraft can be viewed below. In the same video, he also conducted interviews with Thomson Meeks of Laminar Research, Tony Wroblewski from Orbx, Nicki Repenning of Honeycomb Aeronautical, and many others.

Just Flight join other developers that made significant headlines at Flight Sim Show 2019, including:

  • Orbx - announced TrueEarth US Northern California, Edinburgh Airport, a global tree replacement product named Terraflora, and more. Details here
  • Magknight - looking into the past, present and future of their 787, including version 1.4.0, due any day now. Details here
  • Laminar Research - the creators of X-Plane touched on the usual subjects, but also shared further details of 11.40, and a small mention of 11.50. Details here

If you would like to follow Just Flight, you may do so through their social media channels, including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Cover photo credit: Adrian Pingstone

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