Just Flight Now Offering Free Demos for All X-Plane Aircraft

January 18, 2020

Having featured in the news recently with the release of their Robin DR400 last week, Just Flight are back in the news reels today with the release of time, altitude, and distance restricted demo aircraft from their range of products for X-Plane.

The British aircraft maker has used Thranda Design to convert their Prepar3D range to X-Plane since the beginning, and it is CEO at that brand that made the planes available today.

Thranda Design recently split from their other long-time conversion partner, Carenado, leaving only Just Flight in their repertoire. Learn more about that situation here.

Dan Klaue said that the demo flights are "limited to five minutes of flying time, 20 miles per flight, approximately 1,200 ft AGL."

You can find the free demos for all aircraft on the Just Flight website here.

Alternatively, you can purchase the aircraft on sale here - Cessna 152 (down to $29.39 USD from $41.99 USD), Duchess 76 (down to $29.39 USD from $41.99 USD) and Hawk T1/A (down to $31.49 USD from $44.99 USD).

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