Just Flight Duchess Model 76 XP Predicted "This Month"

Sam Clark
Friday, March 8, 2019

The developers at Just Flight have ensured, in their words, that it is a "Feel Good Friday" for us X-Plane users with more news of their upcoming Duchess Model 76 for Laminar's sim.

The Model 76 X-Plane Edition now has a product page on the Just Flight website, indicating that release is coming soon. This is further affirmed by JF developers on Facebook, where they say:

"Should be available this month for X-Plane owners..."

You can see the full feature on the product page, or see a shortened list here:

  • A truly 3D virtual cockpit right down to accurately modelled seat belts and screw heads - every instrument is constructed fully in 3D with smooth animations
  • Cockpit textures feature wear and tear based on reference photos taken in the real aircraft to produce an authentic environment
  • Interactive engine start checklist that responds to user inputs and sim variables
  • Interactive checklists for every stage of flight
  • Realistic landing gear with emergency extension, slow/fast tyre rotation animation (blurry when rotating fast), precise shock absorber animation and wheel chocks and tie-downs
  • Realistic and accurate flight dynamics based on real-world performance and handling data, and input from Duchess pilots
  • Authentic sound set, generated using X-Plane's state-of-the-art FMOD sound system
  • Comprehensive manual with panel guide and performance data
  • Dedicated pop-up window for sound mixing, allowing for individual adjustment of the volume of exterior sounds, in-cockpit sounds and various effects
  • Custom weight and balance manager window

See the Duchess Model 76 product page on the Just Flight website for more information.

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