JustFlight Hawk T1-A release imminent

Sam Clark
Friday, September 21, 2018

[EDIT 1545z]: The Hawk T1-A has now been released. It costs $44.99 from the JustFlight store.

The Hawk T1 is a British-built single engine jet trainer with a two-man tandem cockpit. First flown in 1974, the Hawk has served as an advanced training aircraft for nearly 40 years. The T1-A entered service with the RAF in 1976 and are currently the aircraft of choice for the RAF Red Arrows.

JustFlight's rendition was formally announced in February this year and has since received periodic development updates via the group's Facebook page.

This latest preview appears to indicate that the release of the Hawk T1-A is coming very soon.

"In answer to a few of the questions here, we are very nearly there now and are currently testing release candidates."

To find out more about the Hawk T1-A, check out the product page on the JustFlight website.

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