Just Flight Shares Development Update on Palma De Mallorca

April 24, 2021

Just Flight has previewed their upcoming Palma De Mallorca Airport scenery for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The package will feature ground vehicles, accurate night lighting, and improved ILS performance.

This release will mark the group’s first airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator. With that, the team goes on to say that they “have built every single parking stand, every single taxiway, and incorporated the new runway layout including accurate elevation data”.

Just Flight has also included a features list below:

  • A flow of ground vehicles that do not interfere with any of the aircraft
  • Ground services and equipment that represent the real-world counterpart on every aircraft stand (Accurately modelled and animated jetways, Visual Guidance System, pushbacks, fuel trucks and more)
  • Accurate night lighting including all the spotlights, taxiway lights and taxi signs to allow for easy night-time operations
  • Creation of all the taxiway markings of the real airport making easier navigation to and from the runways
  • Improved ILS performance to guide aircraft more precisely into the touchdown zone

Just Flight also adds that they have “completed the placement of all buildings within the airport perimeter. Each building has been faithfully replicated and we are working towards striking the right balance between great visuals and performance”.

While the team hasn’t announced a release date or pricing, they note that they are “turning onto final” with the project. 
For more information, check out Just Flight's website. You can also check out our previous article.

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