JustFlight Releases AirHauler 2 Update

Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Earlier today, JustFlight released a new update for the AirHauler 2 (abbreviated as ‘AH2’), adding some new features and many improvements to the program. The plugin, compatible with X-Plane 11 and Windows only, puts the user ‘in complete control of [their] own freight and passenger company’ and is a large improvement over their legacy AirHauler application, with added stability, functionality and performance.

This update, which brings the program version to v2.0.0.24, comes not long after its release earlier in May this year and shows that JustFlight is, as always, not taking a step into the sidelines with their software. The many new fixes and improvement added can be found below, along with a full changelog;

  • You can now toggle on airport names alongside the ICAOs in the Fleet Cargo tab
  • Added a "Fly self" button to the Cargo tab so you don't need to swap back to the details tab
  • Renamed the drop down on destination selection, to "Quick Find" and added the ICAOs of Cargo onboard to the dropdown
  • Added Kgs in addition to Lbs on the Cargo Loading screen for more stats
  • Added Kgs to Fuel Loading Complete dialog
  • Fixed issue with Distance not sorting correctly on the Available Missions screen
  • Fixed decimal issues on the Fleet screen
  • Type ratings use the airport elevation as the starting alt again
  • Fixed issue with incorrect location reporting when flying future Pax sectors/routes.
  • Fixed issue which prevented non-base jobs from being generated
  • Resolved issue with buying and selling commodities
  • Fixed the Skater.NET popup on launch (used wrong version last time - whoops!).
  • Fixed issue with assigned pilot not showing in Pax config aircraft
  • Fixed issue with production time for commodities not updating correctly on the manufacture window
  • AH2 will try and remove the AH2.pln file when closing the Flight Tracking screen, incase the plugin hasn't been able to remove it

The developers have also highlighted that should you find yourself already owning a previous version of AH2, you will be required to run the update twice; one time to uninstall the previous version, and another time to install the new update. The great news is that any configuration or ‘company’ files will not be affected.
The free update is available for download on the JustFlight store!

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