Just Flight Releases Large Update for Traffic Global

Friday, November 22, 2019

A new update for Traffic Global has been published by Just Flight.

The changelog consists of 59 items, addressing bugs, improvements and additions throughout the plugin. It is available to view at the end of this article.

Traffic Global was released about a month ago. It is designed to add "high quality animated AI aircraft models in authentic airline liveries and with full 3D sound and lighting and effects," according to the product page.

The plugin features 65 aircraft types and 860 liveries and works with more than 3,000 airports to deliver over 600,000 AI flights in X-Plane 11.

For further information and to purchase Traffic Global, see the product page on Just Flight's website. The plugin is available for £34.99.

In other Just Flight news, their DR400 was previewed in X-Plane earlier this week, whilst Air Hauler 2 was announced for X-Plane about two weeks ago. More details on the latter available here.

Traffic Global V1.0.8734 changelog:

  • Add landing lights to all models. Fix some visibility rules for other lights.
  • Add taxi lights and orient nav lights correctly.
  • Fix a timing-related problem making certain aircraft skip taxying on initial startup.
  • Fix "Loading airports 0%" when scenery for PowerPC Macs is installed.
  • Use thread-local OpenAL context to prevent positional audio interfering with other plugins.
  • Correctly pass camera control to other plugins if not using a TG camera.
  • Change lighting logic.
  • Scale lights according to aircraft size
  • Adjust engine exhaust slightly.
  • Workaround for model bugs in the B772/B772F .
  • Workaround for XP bug which was affecting interaction with other camera plugins.
  • Keep a minimum speed on propeller RPM at low throttle
  • Updated French translations.
  • Highlight a cause of bad time/position calculations.
  • Fix engine location bug in B772/B772F
  • Potential fix for random crash when replacing aircraft.
  • Fix certain aircraft being invisible when "Allow Substitutes" is disabled.
  • Update the airline list and traffic database.
  • Only show taxi lights when it's dark. Vary the exact time per aircraft.
  • Check for intersecting runways.
  • Several updates for DataRefs/third-party access.
  • Improved classification of cargo aircraft.
  • New schedules, new paintkits for freighters.
  • Correct the names for Vueling A319 and Nordwind A321
  • Fix corrupt text or crash when Flight Board is open.
  • Fix lightmap on A300-600F
  • Flight board could show incorrect flights under some circumstances
  • Handle cases where the source data uses passenger a/c for freight routes.
  • Add handling for military-only runways.
  • Fix a problem with aircraft reversing not checking whether the adjacent taxiway is clear correctly.
  • Try to hard-reposition aircraft on the ground on startup if an intermediate waypoint is not yet ready for use.
  • Show unusable parking on the Flight Path view
  • "Loading Airports" progress may not always have been correct
  • Pushback may not always have headed for the correct taxiway section.
  • Update traffic database to include more freight flights with correct aircraft codes.
  • Stop taxiway sections being repeated if the AI is repositioned on initial startup.
  • Save settings immediately when the settings dialog is closed.
  • Small update to airline names.
  • Use different method of setting flight level.
  • Corrections to some more airline names.
  • Several changes to improve calculation of clearance on approach.
  • Add Tab hotkey to the radar to toggle between always-show, always-hide and auto-hide the side panel.
  • Fix classification and add freighter for BAe146
  • Add paintkit for ATR72 Freighter
  • Fix model name for Finnair A321
  • Add paintkit for A319 Freighter
  • Further improvements to separation.
  • Update French translations.
  • Fix a previous-waypoint curve not being displayed correctly in the Flight Path View
  • Major change to aircraft avoidance.
  • Fix visual bug with some engine parts.
  • Fix logic bug allowing aircraft to start too close to each other on takeoff.
  • Increase clearance distance from the user's aircraft
  • Fix some edge-cases for avoidance.
  • Fix lit texture on Saab S340
  • Double-sided polygons typically propellers converted correctly.
  • Add PBR textures for A319Change some eagle-claw animations
  • Refinements for go-around

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