New Just Flight Traffic Global Work In Progress Video

Friday, September 27, 2019

Another new Traffic Global video has emerged today on Just Flight's YouTube channel, showing the plugin operating in a work in progress state.

The video, which can be viewed below, shows movements at Denver International, as well as various popup windows. These include a traffic radar, flight schedule, and configurable keyboard bindings.

At the beginning of this month, a video was published to show aircraft parked at Los Angeles in a home cockpit setup.

Another video was also shared about a week ago, which is again from a work in progress build:

Traffic Global has a 'developer's diary,' which details various stages of development, as well as relating these to real life.

August's entry doesn't appear to have been posted, but posts in the months from January to July are available to view.

The product page, containing screenshots and further details, is up on their website.

Just Flight can be followed on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

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