Just Flight Updates BAe 146 for X-Plane 11

May 12, 2021

Just Flight has updated popular BAe 146 aircraft for X-Plane 11, all the way to version v1.1. 

The aircraft has already gone through multiple iterations, with v1.0.5, v1.6.0, 1.7.0 and v1.1 the most recent. Version 1.0.5 focused on some new features, bug fixes and better compatibility with Virtual Reality.

The changelog for the updates can be viewed below.


  • Added chocks, visually and functionally
  • Added hydraulic system effects to brakes
  • Improved TMS (Throttle now independent of TMS logic)
  • Fixed rear seat row in 100 version
  • TMS no longer on when starting from cold and dark
  • Created camera collision bounding box for VR (Makes it easier to navigate)
  • Enabled experimental flight model (No longer necessary to enable it in-sim)
  • Added VR click spots to some tablet interaction zones
  • Fixed annunciator test button flicker when cold and dark 


  • Tweaked camera cage, so that open doors can be traversed
  • Bounding box now adjusts to different fuselage sizes
  • Fixed switch sound
  • Refined gear friction values and chock logic
  • Accounted for more brake behaviours (given hydraulic pressure loss, reservoir, etc.)
  • Made freighter cargo doors require hydraulic pressure
  • Add freighter door annunciator
  • Cargo Smoke test added to overhead Test Panel
  • Improved green hydraulic system pressure gauges
  • Annunciator logic: Fuel Pump LO PRESS and Engine FUEL LO PRESS lights
  • Fixed anti-skid annunciator light
  • TMS: Add ability to sync to N1 in SYNC mode
  • TMS: Fixed engine synchronisation problems
  • TMS: Chevron indicator thresholds adjusted
  • Improved fuel system, especially for edge cases
  • Brakes are now dependent on their selected hydraulic system pressure
  • Fixed issue where N1 indicators could snap to 99.9 unexpectedly
  • Added VR compatibility for the Checklist and TMS pop-ups
  • Fixed pitch setting for Co-pilot's Flight Director
  • Added altimeter automatic sync functionality
  • Pressurisation: Fixed CABIN HI ALT annunciator not working when in MAN mode
  • Tablet screen: Fuel values can no longer become negative
  • Tablet screen: Fixed frozen cargo weight for freighter


  • TMS: Limited the TMS actuators to avoid excessive values in some cases
  • Improved handling of custom liveries that do not follow the naming conventions
  • Jetway bridge attach points fixed
  • Custom altitude callouts added for approach
  • MWS logic improved, including automatic cancelling of red/amber warnings that are no longer active
  • N1 and TGT engine instrument bugs are now set automatically when clicking on the speed card


  • TMS take-off callouts added: "TMS set to XX (if on)", "Power set, flex/N1 achieved"
  • Additional approach call-out added for glideslope intercept: "Glideslope alive, one dot to go"

Just Flight pointed out that version 1.0.6 is only available through the SkunkCrafts updater which can be found in the aircraft’s folder.

For more information, the original source can be found on the developer's website.

The aircraft is available at Just Flight's website, the Threshold Store, and x-plane.org.

Thanks to Luchaoz for tipping us off regarding the update in the Threshold Discord Server.

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