JustSim Announces Chania Airport (LGSA)

Sam Clark
Sunday, August 11, 2019

It's been just on one month since the last news out of Russian scenery developer JustSim, the last being the release of Heraklion (LGIR) in July.

The group has eyed up another Greek airport for their next project, choosing Chania, located only some 150km from LGIR on the island of Crete.

Once again the news was broke via the JustSim Facebook group, where head developer Andrei Bakanov showcased the first screenshots of the new scenery in Prepar3D, before giving the usual reassurance that LGSA will be released for X-Plane in due course.

Bakanov reveals in the comments of his post that the Prepar3D version of the scenery will launch today. Going off previous releases, that gives an estimated release window of within the next two or three weeks for the X-Plane edition.

See the source post on the JustSim Facebook group.

*All images used in this article are of the Prepar3D version of the scenery, as no X-Plane previews are available yet.

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