JustSim Releases Brussels Airport V2

Jan-Laurin Frey
Alex John
Saturday, February 15, 2020

JustSim's CEO Andrei Bakanov has posted on their Facebook page today, stating their Brussels Airport is now available. This version is named V2 and has a lot of changes including new textures.

JustSim released V1 of Brussels for X-Plane 11 back in October of 2018.

In the new version, an A380 gate, new ground textures and signage, a new terminal building model, and more have been added.

The full changes introduced in V2:

  • Full new terminal building model
  • Added gate for A380. Fully animated only for A380.
  • New stands on APRON 3 NORTH
  • New ground polygons on APRON 3
  • New ground signage added
  • Ground markings changed
  • New PBR textures added
  • Rebuilt orthophoto for better performance
  • Added optional HD textures
  • New "World Traffic" routes
  • Minor improvements
  • Updated for X-Plane 11.41+

The update is available to new users for €23.50, and existing users of V1 are able to buy the upgraded scenery for €6.00.

The store page for Brussels Airport V2 is available to view and buy here.

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