JustSim Releases Rhodes International Airport for Microsoft Flight Simualtor

October 14, 2020

JustSim has released their rendition of Rhodes International Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Situated on the Greek island of Rhodes, the airport has a single runway and facilities to accommodate a Boeing 747 and more than five million passengers per year.

JustSim did not disclose any features or description of the product when viewed on the product page at simMarket, other than rehashing what is written on Wikipedia.

The scenery costs €16.80 (excl. VAT) and is available to buy at simMarket. Owners of the Prepar3D counterpart can get 40% off.

Additionally, JustSim notes users must have an internet connection to activate the product, which comes in at 393 MB in size.

JustSim’s primary form of communication with customers is through their Facebook group.

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