Nimbus Releases Atlanta (KATL) v2

Sol Vashez
Friday, November 1, 2019

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport: the largest airport in the world by traffic volume, delivering approximately one hundred seven million passengers per year. Serving as a hub for major airlines Delta, Spirit, Frontier, and Southwest, it is no surprise that the airport is considered one of the major gateways to the United States and was the focus of Nimbus’ as their next project.

Today, Nimbus has released their second iteration of the famous airport for X-Plane 11. As Nimbus has grown to be known for, the scene contains the entire airport in ultra-high definition textures. The full list of features includes, but is not limited to: HDR lights, new 4K textures with PBR materials for the main terminals, night lighting, new ground textures with PBR materials, and new high quality vehicles with PBR material.

In addition to these features, the airport is also full of animated objects — such as AutoGate, animated people, GroundTraffic, and animated information screens — and has support for World Traffic 3 right out of the box.

Thank you to Hurri Cane for making us aware of this news on the Official Threshold Discord. For a full list of features, and to purchase, visit the product page on the .Org store. Nimbus Atlanta International is available there for $28.95.

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