ShortFinal Design Releases Boston International Version 2

April 3, 2021

Commonly known under the freeware brand of MisterX6, ShortFinal Design has released version 2 of their freeware Boston International for X-Plane.

The update to the airport also brings a new update to the MisterX Library, also taking the library up to Version 2.0.

MisterX is behind the most popular freeware and payware airports for X-Plane with airports under his freeware lineup such as San Diego and San Fransico and Hakodate in Japan. On the payware front, where he is known under ShortFinal Design, airports released under this brand include Los Angles International and Munich. To view the full payware lineup from ShortFinal Design, check out his store page.

Boston Version 2 includes many graphical enhancements and additions to the airport when compared to the previous version. New features include SAM Compatibility and updating the airport layout to match the current layout.

Here’s the full changelog for version 2:

  • Added 3d grass
  • Added cars and lights to parking garages
  • Added custom jetways with SAM support
  • Added custom taxiway edge lights and runway guard lights
  • Added National Grid gas tank, Millenium tower, Four Seasons One Dalton
  • Added new terminal extensions (terminals B and E)
  • Added normal and specular maps to terminals
  • Added rain and snow effects to ground
  • Improved orthophotos
  • Improved seawall texture
  • Reworked all ground textures and markings
  • Set airport to flattened to prevent issues at the border of mesh tiles
  • Static aircraft now spawn randomly can now be toggled off
  • Updated airport layout
  • Updated GroundTraffic plugin to work with Vulkan/Metal

Thanks to Discord user Tang0 in the Threshold Discord Server for tipping us off to the release.

To download MisterX6’s Boston International Version 2, head over to the Forums. Users are advised that Version 2 of the MisterX library is required as well.

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