Hot Start Unveils Challenger 650 Pricing and Product Page, Breaks $100 Price Barrier

January 6, 2022

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Hot Start has finally unveiled pricing and product information for their Challenger 650 simulation, which is due for a release tomorrow on the 7th of January, this upcoming Friday. Touted and proven to be a simulation with attention to detail like no other, both inside and out, the pricing reflects this and nonetheless generated some noise within the community. This is the culminative result of a project developed three years ago, exclusively unveiled through Threshold back in May 2019.

In the days following the 7th of January, several livestreams from Saso Kiselkov (Hot Start’s programmer) were hosted, demonstrating new features through a detailed walkaround of the aircraft, needless to say, in typical Hot Start fashion, the reception was of critical acclaim. Part of the showcase unveiled a full, 3D interactive FBO (Fixed-Based Operator), ground crew, and passengers. Being one of the first-ever developers to develop an interactive FBO for any flight simulator, the team aims to bring a comprehensive experience from A to Z. According to Hot Start:

“From the moment you load up the aircraft in X-Plane, you begin living your corporate pilot career. You'll experience interactions with FBO staff, fuelers, and even have full access to the FBO for pre-flight duties.”

The aircraft features extensive passenger and ground handling assets, such as an interactive de-icing truck that the player can enter while the jet is being deiced. You will also be able to interact with FBO Staff to get the proper passenger and fuel readings for your upcoming flight. Hot Start has also included a “Training” and “Career” mode so simulation pilots can experience what it is like to fly a business jet commercially, similar to real-world operations. You can view the Livestream where these features were showcased on Twitch.

The Challenger 650 will go live on the X-Aviation store and sell for $114.95, the pricing was met with minor surprise given that Saso, not too long ago, noted that it is unlikely that the price will go above 100. This product is the latest addition to the store’s renowned Take Command! product lineup which also features various other aircraft. If you are interested in the systems and aerodynamics of the Challenger 650, you can have a read in a previous article.

Threshold will keep you updated on any further developments.

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