SimWorks Studios Releases Quest Kodiak For MSFS

December 17, 2021

Known for its scenery and aircraft for P3D and MSFS, SimWorks Studios has finally launched its latest MSFS product, the Quest Kodiak 100, a plane known for its wide-reaching capabilities. The real airplane is manufactured in partnership between Quest and Daher, and likewise in the digital realm, SimWorks has partnered with Daher to offer users a realistic representation of one of the most famous multi-purpose aircraft in the world. In addition, the development team has covered all ground with every variant of the aircraft modelled.

Aircraft development began in September 2020, one month after MSFS’ release. Since the announcement, SimWorks has frequently released development updates via streams or on its Discord channel. Like many other high profile developments in the community, the aircraft’s launch has been met with a series of delays following the recent sim-breaking patches such as Sim Update VI, though soon after the launch of SU7, the release date was announced.

According to Alex, Chief Developer at SimWorks Studios, the developer was faced with several difficulties with the MSFS SDK at the beginning of its life in the simulator. Regardless, the launch of their small Zenith CH701 STOL aircraft propelled the development of the Kodiak, as knowledge from the previous project enabled them to better understand the development environment of the new simulator.

Going back to the real Kodiak, the 100 Series II is a high-wing, single-engine turboprop aircraft, capable of transporting up to 9 passengers or cargo up to a distance of 1,132nm. Equipped with the Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A-34 engine flat-rated at 750shp, the aircraft can take off and land in less than 350ft, enabling it to operate from small, unprepared airstrips all over the world. As mentioned, the aircraft simulation was created with the help of Daher and real Kodiak pilots. The entire package includes four different wheeled variants, featuring 40 different liveries, authentic flight dynamics, and high quality systems modelling.
Here is a list breakdown:

  • Realistic flight model
  • Full G1000 NXi integration
  • Custom air conditioning system
  • Accurate 3D model created from factory CAD data
  • Cargo pod and no cargo pod versions
  • Standard and tundra tires
  • Five different interiors: cargo, passenger, mixed, skydive, summit (executive)
  • High-quality sounds recorded from the real aircraft
  • Custom animations: landing gear flex, tail fluttering, working cabin lighting, armrests, air conditioning
  • PDF manual included in add-on folder

To reiterate the information on Working Title's NXI with the Kodiak 100, the instrument compatibility at launch is guaranteed, but subsequent modifications and updates to the G1000 NXI may pose a challenge to keep Kodiak consistently compatible - because of that, the team has elected to prioritise supporting the default G1000.

The Kodiak 100 From SimWorks Studios can be found along with the other products on the developer's website for an accessible asking price of €30. You may also check the Kodiak Trailer on the YouTube channel AviationLads.

The SWS Discord will also be a great place to get questions answered and aircraft support.

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