Verticalsim Announce Norfolk Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator

September 23, 2020

Inter-sim developer Verticalsim has announced Norfolk International Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator, making it their second scenery for the new sim. In the Facebook post, the developer has shared a feature list, pricing information as well as a time-frame for release.

Although Verticalsim has released Norfolk for X-Plane 11, the Microsoft Flight Simulator version has been “completely rebuilt from scratch to take new advantage of the sims fascinating features”.

Verticalsim has also included a feature list in the Facebook post, which is as follows:

  • Rebuild of ground material framework taking advantage of PBR
  • HDR lighting matching real world photographs (generators running on the cargo pad for example)
  • Rebuilt PBR glass, metal, concrete textures for buildings all in 4k
  • Taxipathing for AI and proper MFS atc utilization
  • Free support and upgrades for updates (especially when new jetways are able to be brought over)
  • LCACs base full of LCACs
  • Airport layout matching 2020 charts
  • Airport vehicles with airlines and decals with PBR

The pricing for the scenery is between $12-13, and owners of the X-Plane version of Norfolk are eligible for a 10% discount on the new version. The scenery is planned for release later this week.

You can find Verticalsim’s last payware release, Plant City Municipal Airport on their website, and you can follow their future developments via their Facebook page.

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