Rising Dawn Studios Riverside Municipal (KRAL) Status Update

Sunday, October 20, 2019

Rising Dawn Studios (RD Studios) has posted more previews of his upcoming Riverside Municipal Airport (KRAL). The project was initially announced two years ago, in early September of 2017. Since then, sole developer Peter Suranyi has pushed the project to its current state, with a Los Angeles landmark pack now bundled in, as well as innumerable additional textures, buildings, and other improvements (He even added a time machine!). 

The city of Riverside rests about 55 miles (88 kilometers) directly East of Los Angeles, Southern California. Riverside Municipal Airport is located about four miles (6.5 kilometers) away from Downtown Riverside. Since May, Suranyi has posted four updates on Facebook regarding the development of Riverside Muni. 

The first update (seen above), was the addition of static aircraft belonging to the Riverside Baptist University Flight School, and was posted back in mid-August. The second update appeared in late August, with a Civil Air Patrol Cessna static aircraft and new type of 3D grass previewed. Also included was a video of an animated flight tag on the static Cessna.

The third update was the addition of the ATP flight school ramp at the airport (seen below), and was posted one week ago, on October the 13th. 

That brings us to today, when Rising Dawn Studios posted three new previews of a detailed Avgas tank at Riverside. 

Threshold will make sure to let you know when Rising Dawn Studios has another update in store. If you’d like to view the original posts by Rising Dawn Studios on Facebook, click here. To read previous articles about Rising Dawn Studios’ Riverside Muni, click here

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