Update: FLY X Lanzarote

Peter Tram
Friday, June 29, 2018

It has been several months since FLY X has announced their first scenery project, Lanzarote Airport. And just over an hour ago, the team has just posted a long update; it seems that behind the backdoor, everyone is still busy on the workbench. There have been many developments from the initial debut. This update is paraphrased from the original post on the newly created X-Plane.org thread.


The initial renders that was showcased when the project was announced, has been completely remodeled from scratch. The developer remarked that the mesh quality "was nowhere near what I wanted it to be", in addition, the original model wasn't the most accurate, and some parts were wrongly modelled after additional research. At the point of this update, 90% of the modeling is completed, once that is completed, there is still texturing to do. Below are some renders of the latest modelling of Terminal 1:


Some new models that are NOT remodelled is the second terminal. Unlike Terminal 1,Terminal 2 is something that has been started recently, and the modelling too is nearing completion, furthermore, the texturing is almost finished:

Other buildings

Also started recently, the modelling and texturing was focussed on the other buildings that make up Lanzarote airport. These include things like hangers, garages, cargo terminals, and airport offices. About half of the structures within the airport's perimeter was been fully modeled and textured:



Not much progress has been done so far to the groundwork, however, the developer has been doing some experimentation with using normal maps. Presumably, the developer will fully commit to developing the groundwork after the modelling and texturing phase of buildings and other assets is completed. Two comparison shots was uploaded, with and without normals:


Release Date:

Development is going well, a few hiccupts was experienced throguhout the developement process, something that is not uncommon in a product's development pipeline. And will no doubt happen even more as development goes on. As such, it's difficult to predict when it will go out, so the developer would not provide a release date. Nontheless, users can expect the release to be within this year "(unless my computer blows up and I have some sort of massive data loss of all my backups or something like that (probably shouldn’t tempt fate)). It may possibly even end up being sooner.

Another development update will be posted sooner or later, featuring the modelling in-sim.

Contact the developer through PM in the .org forum, or:

Email at: flyxsim@gmail.com or

Tweet: @FlyXsim

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