New Previews of LEIB Ibiza Airport & Island by Alliverti

Wednesday, January 8, 2020

The developer Alliverti has released new preview pictures of Ibiza Airport (LEIB) & Island. The project will be freeware, although a release date was not announced.

Ibiza is an island in the middle of the Mediterranean sea with a size of 572km squared. The airport handles around nine million people every year, with its single runway 2800m long. It’s one of three international airports in the Balearic Islands and has one terminal. It was opened in 1949 for two years for domestic and international flights, and again in 1958; the airport has seen progressive expansion since, including a new terminal.

The scenery will require OpenSceneryX and the MisterX Library to work correctly. These libraries are for different types of trees, vehicles and more. The developer wrote that not only will the airport be modelled, the island will also be recreated with ortho imagery, hand-placed vegetation and objects.

Alliverti has also recently released his Prague Scenery, which you can find here

Read the original forum post here.

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