LHSimulations Previews Budapest for Microsoft Flight Simulator

November 24, 2020

LHSimulations 'find a lot of joy in development for Microsoft Flight Simulator', perhaps explaining why their latest product for the simulator, a recreation of Budapest Airport (LHBP) is progressing so quickly.

Speaking to Facebook, they gave an update on Hungary's largest airport in the new sim - "We are progressing with high speed with LHBP for MSFS2020. Way easier to edit the scenery, we can concentrate our efforts on the objects."

"All objects were renewed (sic) and got PBR materials which makes them a fantastic look. The ground has been updated too with bump maps. Still a lot to go but we see the light at the end of the tunnel finally!"

The Hungarian developer has a couple of projects on the go at the moment, with the Hungary West Airport progressing simultaneously to development on LHBP - previews for Ocseny Airport (LHOY), were shared just a few days ago, speaking to the rapid pace LHSimulations have been able to adopt with the new simulator.

Heviz-Balaton Airport (LHSM) will also be included in the pack upon release.

Development on Budapest for Microsoft Flight Simulator began shortly before the developer revealed they had officially partnered with the platform's developers in mid-October, stating at the time that "with full and fresh power we have started to work on the new Budapest LHBP Airport scenery II."

You can view the previews over on the group's Facebook page here.

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