JustSim debut Malta (LMML) for XP/P3D

Sam Clark
Tuesday, December 25, 2018

There is no rest for the wicked, nor for the developers at JustSim, who've just unvealed their next scenery project. The Russian development group release sceneries for both Prepar3D and X-Plane, with the XP version typically following the ESP-platform edition about a week or so after initial release.

Their latest scenery is centred on the island of Malta, located in the Mediterranean Sea south of Sicily. LMML is served by many large airlines and has direct flights to international hubs such as Dubai, Doha and London. The airport serves as an operating base for Ryanair and hub for Air Malta.

(Images used in this article are of the Prepar3D version of the scenery, however, the developer promises that an X-Plane version will follow soon)

In a post on their Facebook group, Andrei Bakanov released new previews of the scenery in Prepar3D. He indicates that the scenery will be coming to X-Plane in the post as well.

"Once again, merry Christmas to all!! Malta international airport-LMML - for P3D files sent to the store.  As usual, a little later version will be released for XP11-happy holidays!"

To find out more about JustSim's latest scenery, check out their Facebook group.

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