Gaya Simulations Updates Vienna to v1.2 for MSFS

January 3, 2021

One of their first releases for the new simulator platform, Gaya Simulations has updated Vienna Schwechat Airport to version 1.2 as their first act of the new year.

While the update is out for both Microsoft Flight Simulator and Prepar3D versions of the scenery, there's yet no word on when an X-Plane update will be available, though the developer assures us that it is 'in the works'.

"The update will be coming to the Microsoft Marketplace, simMarket and the Aerosoft Store in the coming days - and to X-Plane soon after that," being the exact wording they provided.

  • Added new buildings making the airport exactly as it's today.
  • Add specular reflections for ground textures.
  • Added custom orange and blue taxi-lines in the appropriate places.
  • Added interior for the North Pier.
  • Jetways wheels now turn when operated.
  • VGDS now shows correctly when the sim is loading.
  • The control tower now has new textures for day and night.
  • Fixed a number of miscellaneous bugs based on user feedback.

The developer will also be releasing Kristiansand, their next project for Microsoft Flight Simulator, in short order. You can see the latest previews of that scenery in a previous article.

Vienna 1.2 is available via OrbxDirect for Microsoft Flight Simulator and Prepar3D. Customers who bought the scenery via the in-game marketplace will have to wait a few days until it is available there.

New users can purchase the scenery for $23.15 AUD from OrbxDirect.

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