GayaSimulation Publishes New Vienna Previews

Sam Clark
Tuesday, October 22, 2019

For GayaSimulation's second major airport preview in as many days, the developer takes us from mid-Scotland to eastern Austria with new renders of the group's Vienna Airport (LOWW) scenery, announced following the release of their rendition of Courchevel.

This scenery will again be developed in partnership with scenery tycoon Orbx, who've published their sceneries from Courchevel onwards, with their extensive roadmap encompassing six airports on the European continent.

Today's renders were delivered via the group's Facebook page, with the caption kept short and sweet: "22-October update- Shortly will be in-sim. few nice renders before...[the scenery moves to in-sim]"

The same developer is also going through the motions of releasing another scenery, of the same type of international scale as Vienna - Edinburgh (EGPF). Only yesterday did the official trailer for the scenery drop, which typically indicates an imminent release. You can find our full report on the latest previews from the Scottish capital here.

Thanks to No_Bot for the tip off on the Threshold Discord server - it's much appreciated! <3

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