Laminar Research Introduces Feature Request & Suggestions System

September 29, 2020

Laminar Research has chosen to implement a brand new features and suggestions system, which has long been absent from the team’s public relations.

The website allows users to enter their suggestions and upvote others they like.

The website is fairly simple and currently shows all the suggestions added since its launch yesterday.

Top ideas (that already exist in Microsoft Flight Simulator) include an improved atmosphere and lighting model, seasons, volumetric clouds, on-the-fly ortho imagery and dynamic weather.

Better CPU utilisation was a suggestion to which Laminar Research responded to.

“Work on this is ongoing. 👍 Vulkan was indeed the first step,” they wrote.

Another issue that gained traction is the addition of a scenery mesh tool which some scenery developers have been wanting for a number of years, whilst aircraft and scenery developers might perk up at the idea of mesh deformation.

To see what’s trending right now and add your voice to the new system, head on over to

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