Laminar Research Announces November 19 Live Q&A Session

Thursday, November 14, 2019

Posted just a few minutes ago on the X-Plane Developer blog, Jennifer Roberts and the team at Laminar Research have announced another live question-and-answer session, featuring four of X-Plane's top developers and a selection of 'other special X-Plane friends'.

Ever-present Laminar Research founder Austin Meyer will be there, alongside X-Plane's mobile and desktop product managers - Chris Serio and Ben Supnik respectively - as well as Alex Unruh, who is art director at the company.

If February's Q&A is anything to go by, expect some fireworks - the team entered in a fleet of Teslas last time out, with Meyer pictured flailing his arms wildly, evidently overcome by the excitement of the forthcoming community engagement opportunity.

November's session will be a little different from that livestream though, as the team are taking questions prior to the broadcast via a Google Forms sheet, as opposed only taking questions from the 'chat' function on YouTube's livestreaming service. You can submit your own questions to the Laminar Research team here.

The livestream will take place on Tuesday, November 19th at 9pm Eastern Time (UTC -5). To convert this to your own local timezone, check out this website.

It will be hosted on the Laminar Research YouTube page, which you can find here.

As always, Threshold will be across all the new developments from the livestream.

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