Laminar Research Shares Preview of WorldJetways by Stairport Sceneries

October 29, 2019

Earlier today, we reported on the latest previews of Stairport Sceneries' Saint-Tropez, ahead of its release in a few days.

The latest news from the developer, however, comes courtesy of Laminar Research: a video of WorldJetways in action published to their social media channels. Announced at Flight Sim Show 2019, WorldJetways is a global jetway addon that is designed to work at any airport utilising default jetways.

Furthermore, the MisterX6 Library will receive global compatibility with SAM in a future update.

WorldJetways will be available for a small and as of yet undecided price. Keep updated with Stairport Sceneries on their Facebook page.

The developer has also been busy building on the success of SAM with version 2, due for release soon. With an overhauled interface, jetway collision detection, and seasonal modes, V2 is set to be a large - and also free - update for users of SAM.

Developer Marten also spoke about the possibility of animated airstairs and other equipment in the far future. For further details about SAM V2, check out our roundup from their presentation at Cosford.

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