Skyline Simulations Previews Gibraltar Groundwork

March 21, 2020

After a long break in previews of the airport, Skyline Simulations has shown off the ground textures that will be featuring in their upcoming Gibraltar Scenery.

The set of previews come just under 2 weeks since the release of Skyline Simulations’ long-awaited, Long Beach airport.

Gibraltar Airport is famous for the road crossing its runway, where while the runway isn’t in use vehicles drive over the runway. The airport opened in 1939 as a military base during the Second World War, where it still remains one up to this day, where the airport is owned by the Ministry of Defence (MOD) and is operated as RAF Gibraltar. The airport handled just under 500,000 passengers in the year 2019.

You can find the source post on the Skyline Simulations Facebook Page.

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