Mango Studios Releases FlightFactor 767 Soundpack for X-Plane 11

April 15, 2021

Mango Studios has released their latest soundpack, the pack is for the FlightFactor 767 and joins the group’s 757 and A350 soundpack. The pack features realistic cockpit warnings, engine sounds and a full-fledged user interface.

This soundpack aims to improve many of the sounds that come default with the FlightFactor 767. It recreates the iconic GE CF-6 General Electric, RB-211 Roll Royce and PW-4000 Pratt & Whitney engines of the 767.

This follows shortly after the release of their soundpack for the FlightFactor 757 in late March with an update to the pack having been released just over a week ago.

The team has also included a feature list shown below:

  • New and higher quality cockpit warnings, such as Master Warning, Master Caution, and EGPWS
  • Custom Cockpit system sound effects, including Battery, Avionics, Gyro, Packs, coming on sound.
  • Custom Switches, Buttons, Covers, Rotaries, and Knob sound effects for the entirety of the cockpit.
  • Realistic Cabin sound effects, including hydraulic systems, flap retraction, and flap extension, fuel systems, passenger sound effects, and engine rumble/jet blast.
  • Custom and Realistic GE CF-6 General Electric engine sound effects, which now include jet blast rumble sound effects.
  • Custom and realistic RB-211 Roll Royce engine sound effects, that now include jet blast rumble sound effects.
  • Custom and realistic PW-4000 Pratt & Whitney engine sound effects, that now include jet blast sound effects.
  • New custom cockpit environment effects, such as the Rotate Effects, Wind in the cockpit, that gets louder the faster the aircraft goes, and the Speed Brakes up effects.
  • Exterior Sounds, such as the Fuel Truck, Ground Power Unit, and Auxiliary Power Unit (APU), have been customized, remade, and adapted for the 767.
  • Exterior Weather Sounds, such as thunder, rain, hail, has been customized for the 767.
  • Interior Weather sounds, such as rain in the cockpit, have been customized for the amount of rain that is present. (Can range from soft rain to hard rain, depending on how hard it is raining)

Mango Studios has also posted to their YouTube a promotional video of the new soundpack which you can check out below:

Similar to the group's recently released FlightFactor 757 soundpack, the 767 pack comes with a user interface that gives users more control and customization options. The interface is shown below:

The soundpack is available for purchase on simMarket for EUR 12.75 (excluding any applicable taxes). The developers also noted that it will be available to purchase on the store at a later time. 

Big thanks to jetBlue 671 and LifeSav3r for their screenshots!

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