Frank Dainese & Fabio Bellini's Mont Blanc Releases November 22

Saturday, November 16, 2019

Frank and Fabio's latest scenery takes users to the French/Italian Alps and the iconic city of Chamonix, in addition to Europe's 7th tallest mountain: Mt. Blanc.

Dubbed "Mont Blanc Group", the scenery covers far more than just the 4,810 metre summit - Chamonix and surrounding settlements are also included, as well as the gravity-defying architecture located on nearby peaks.

The scenery was announced in June 2019, the developers claiming it was the hardest challenge they've ever undertaken at the time. Then-estimates put the approximate building count at 8,000, though they've now reached over 10,000 pre-release.

With news coming out this week the scenery will be releasing next Friday, November 22nd, Dainese followed up with a new video showcasing the features of the scenery:

The feature list was announced at the same time as the release date:

  • Area of over 900 sq. Km. Italian side with: Courmayeur, Entrèves, Pre Saint Didier and La Thuile
  • French side with Chamonix, Les Houches, Argentière
  • Over 10,000 houses located, of which many are personalized (many buildings reproduced) about 100 types of typical houses in the areas
  • 9 groups of mountains (3D models) reconstructed and placed on meshes (modified)
  • All the vegetation mapped and reproduced
  • Reconstructed the "eighth wonder" ... the SKYWAY of Mont Blanc with the three detailed stations
  • All the Italian and French shelters reconstructed and positioned on the models /mesh including: Italian side Bonatti, Boccalatte, Bertone, Elena, Elisabetta, Miage, Gervasutti, Monzino...
  • French side Nid d'Aigle, Tète Rousses, Gouter (normal route to the summit) ...Montenvers, Requin,Envers, Lognan...
  • Two (virtual) airports with grassy runways in Courmayeur (Dolonne area) and Chamonix (golf course area) to increase and make easy exploratory flight.
  • 3 official heliports, 1 in Courmayeur LICYH (near the Skyway base station) 1 in Chamonix (LFDZ) and Argentière (LFCMBH)
  • Another 9 heliports located in areas of interest (shelters..)

You can see more on Dainese's blog here. Alternatively, see their previous release for X-Plane, Eiger Park 3D, in more detail here.

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