Rotate Breaks the Silence with More MD11 Previews

Garrett Yalch
Saturday, December 29, 2018

After a few months of silence, Rotate has provided the community with more previews of its highly anticipated MD11. Today, on the forums they showed off screenshots of the electrical systems.

Rotate MD11 Start Sequence
Rotate MD11 Smoke Procedure Sequence

Rotate has chosen to model the electrical systems component by component. Each of these components will simulate their own electrical states and properties like current, voltage, and load. In turn, this will provide the user with a very authentic experience when working with the systems. The first two times we saw this approach to electrical systems was in the FlightFactor A320 and HotStart TBM 900, two of the highest regarded aircraft for X-Plane. In my opinion, this is great news.

“These components have been simulated independently:

– Detailed engine IDGs, APU, ADG and external power generators.

– 29 electrical buses.

– 32 relays.

– 6 automatic circuit breakers.

– Separated AC/DC distribution with four transformer-rectifiers.

– Inverter and battery charger.

– All overhead controls are operative and functional.

– Automatic and Manual modes are simulated.”

Rotate also stated that we should expect more system previews from them in the coming months.

The original post can be found here: LINK

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