Mango Studios Releases the Flight Factor 757 Sound pack for X-Plane 11

March 29, 2021
nobody, apparently.

Sound designers, Mango Studios, have released their newest sound pack for the Flight Factor 757 in X-Plane 11. This follows the release of the group’s first sound pack, for the Flight Factor A350, back in October of 2020.

Aimed at improving most of the sounds from the original 757, the addon includes both the Rolls Royce and Pratt & Whitney engine variants and recreates their iconic sounds.

The team at Mango Studios have provided a full-fledged features list which you can check out below:

  • Brand new Master Warning, Master Caution and EGPWS cockpit warnings
  • Custom Cockpit system sound effects, including Battery, Avionics, Gyro, Packs, coming on sound
  • Custom switch sounds including buttons, covers, rotaries and knobs
  • Realistic cabin sounds including hydraulics, flaps, fuel systems, engine rumble and passenger effect
  • Realistic RB-211 Rolls Royce engine sounds
  • Realistic PW-2000 Pratt & Whitney engine sounds
  • Cockpit environment effects including rotate, wind and speed brake sounds
  • Exterior sounds including fuel truck, ground power unit and auxiliary power unit
  • Exterior Weather Sounds, such as thunder, rain, hail, have been customized for the 757.
  • Realistic rain sound effects in the cockpit 

The developer also implemented a custom menu, which users are able to further customize the sounds to their liking, which is shown below:

It’s also known that the team is working on the Flight Factor 767. However, not much information is known regarding this. In the meantime, you can purchase the sound pack on SimMarket for EUR 12.75.

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