Microsoft Flight Simulator March 12th Development Update

Alex John
Thursday, March 12, 2020

Through another blog post on their website, this week's update covered many items regarding development, although it appears Microsoft was not able to release Feature Discovery Series episode 8.

Starting off by listening to one user's feedback complaining about the grass/weeds being too large, Microsoft responded by writing: "Fix grass. Check."

Further down the page, some upcoming dates fastened to various deliverables were published. They start with the 19th March, one week from now, in which episode 8 of their Features Discovery Series, along with a Development Roadmap preview for the April/May period, is to be released.

Microsoft was originally looking at publishing episode 8 (multiplayer) today, according to last week's update. However, it appears the team is living up to their admittance of scaling back development updates due to health concerns.

In early April, episode 7 (IFR) is to be released, along with a Partnership Series update.

Moving on to the alpha build, next week will see further details including a release date and build notes about it. Users who have not yet registered for alpha builds or would like to update their DXDIAG information will be able to do so beginning the 16th March, whilst an update on the team's invitation timeline is expected in next week's update.

Microsoft appended a feedback snapshot to their Insider Area, which displays some top questions, alpha issues, and wish list items on users' minds:

A large SDK update was also appended to the update. At a glance, the SDK is being used by "more than 50 companies and hundreds of programmers and artists", and some 3rd party airports and aircraft may be available upon the release of Microsoft Flight Simulator.

"We have spent time listening, discussing and learning from our 3rd party developers, and we are working closely with them to keep improving the tools, stated Microsoft.

"The new aircraft editor is close to being finished with several improvements to the workflow. We also made lots of progress on WebAssembly support, which is the technology that will allow the porting of native code to our platform. We are excited to share what we developed with our partners within the next few weeks.

"Several 3rd parties have started to share the roadmaps with us and we happy to report that dozens of planes and airports are in development and we are hopeful that quite a few of them will be ready by the time our new simulator is released."

As per usual, we've riddled this article with the latest images from the Microsoft Flight Simulator alpha build.

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