Microsoft Flight Simulator Development Updates to be Scaled Back amid Health Concerns

Alex John
Thursday, March 5, 2020

The latest update on the development of Microsoft Flight Simulator has been posted, containing information about next week's update and sixteen new screenshots.

However, it has been decided that due to health concerns, development updates will be "scaled back over the next few weeks", as they will be putting their health and well-being first. Presumably, this decision comes because of the current coronavirus crisis, although it was not stated this is the case.

"On behalf of the entire team, we express our sincere apologies for the impact this decision has on our community," wrote the developer on their website. "We will do our best to continue providing status updates, and look forward to resuming regular postings in the near future."

The next update is said to display the following:

  • Timeline update for pre-release build testing (e.g. Alpha, etc.).
  • Update on a new Alpha build that is coming very soon.
  • Update on next round of Alpha invitations.
  • Feature Discovery Series Episode 8 (still tracking to a March 12th release).
  • DR Roadmap update preview for April/May (this is going to be worth paying attention to).
  • Feedback Snapshot update preview.
  • Partnership Series update.
  • SDK update.
  • Feature Discovery Series update.

In last week's update, an update on their partnership series, a feedback snapshot, and the usual dose of screenshots went live.

All the screenshots in today's post are available to view below.

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