Microsoft Flight Simulator Updated to Version

October 14, 2020

Microsoft has released the next update of Microsoft Flight Simulator, according to a post on the website.

It can be immediately seen that the changes in V1.9.5.0 are not too extensive, with only minor changes in various places.

Starting with aircraft, the VFR map no longer crashes the title whilst in flight; screens and buttons in the cockpit should no longer turn off randomly; and crashes with regards to the use of the smart camera have been patched up.

Navblue navigation data has been updated for airports, whilst autopilot pitch oscillation has been reduced on some aircraft.

In addition, the user interface has received a few changes which are as follows:

  • Version history is now properly displayed in the Marketplace and Content manager
  • The multiple simultaneous downloads in the content manager are better handled to prevent crashes or freezes
  • The packages downloaded through the content manager should now be correctly loaded without requiring a reboot of the title
  • The airport icons in the world map have been slightly modified

Multiplayer has now been deactivated for those flying the Japan Discovery Flight and there has been quality of life updates for the marketplace.

Finally, the height of autogen buildings has been revised, along with the final change that reads “TIN luminance (Sendai, Takamatsu, Tokushima, Tokyo, Utsunomiya, Yokohama).”

The team welcomes feedback through the official forum, linked here.

According to last week’s development roadmap, the next update is expected on the 27th of October.

Before that will come this week’s development update, however. It is expected to only be a small one: an SDK and third-party update is the only item on the list.

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