Mad Flight Studio Add-Ons' An-26: Gauges, Centre Console & More

Thursday, May 2, 2019

At the start of 2019, Mad Flight Studio Add-Ons released their SP-30 and moved swiftly on to their next aircraft: that of the Antonov An-26. This was followed up by renders around the back of the cockpit, which can be seen here.

These previews were posted on forums including Threshold and To start, two in-sim screenshots of the front panel with gauges, partially textured:

Next, are in-sim screenshots of the radio operator's station:

Moving on, the beginning of the overhead panel was shown as modelling software renders:

More recently however, the centre console was completed. (The multi-coloured control lever is that of the throttle control for the Auxiliary Power Unit)

Again, the progress of the aircraft can be followed through the threads on the Threshold forum, forum, or their Facebook group, and you can see other news about the aircraft below.

In Development: Antonov An-26 by Mad Flight Studio Add-Ons

MadFlight Studio Previews Antonov AN-26

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